Doctor Alfonso Van Uden graduated from the Medicine School Juan N. Corpas located in Bogota, D.C, Colombia, with more than 25 years dedicated to the health care of thousands of people that has been treated with medicine and alternative therapies; today he receive the gratitude of all these persons that are patient and also friends.

Our Store

The natural products from the Van Uden Center brand are made from medicinal herbs, the combination of synergistic substances that can transform any illnesses our products approach are specially selected thanks to the masterful formulas of Dr. Alfonso Van Uden and they are made with the highest quality directly from California, US.

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Van Uden Center is a specialized practice that focuses on alternative medicine and it takes a special concern to the detoxing processes in the body that are the first step into treating any disease on the natural field, this is why this service is intelligently installed and headed by a professional in the field of natural medicine and each service is...