The human being is an Integral Being “Body, Mind and Spirit” and as such we must approach it.

When it comes to understanding and helping it in the energy imbalances that lead to the onset of disease, we must know that there are toxins that make us sick:

  • Some toxins definitely have to do with poor diet such as animal fats, excess salt, sugar and refined flours, junk food, sauces, mayonnaise, sausages, soda, white bread, cow’s milk and its derivatives, meat Beef and pork, and in general all industrialized foods with a high content of artificial preservatives, anilines, colorings and flavorings.
  • In addition to environmental pollution, alcohol and tobacco use are risk factors that accumulate toxins in the body and cause disease.

It is not a secret and is increasingly confirmed, as people with stress, misguided, accelerated, impatient, resentful, resentful, and meticulous, get sick most of all.

In everyday life and in daily practice with patients, we see many people who have already taken on important changes in their diet, who are as close to healthy eating, do not smoke, do not ingest alcoholic beverages, routinely perform Exercises and live sick.

Then we ask ourselves the question, why do they remain ill? And we discovered that in a high percentage of these patients are immersed in a life of great stress, speed, worries, anxiety, grudges, resentments, temper and emotional affective traumas of the past unresolved.

We have a variety of solutions to your health situation, with natural treatments suitable for detoxification such as:

  1. Digestive Cleaning Kit
  2. Detoxifying Kit
  3. Biological IV-therapies
  4. Colon Hydrotherapy
  5. Detoxification Therapy and various Homeopathic and Phytotherapeutic products, among others.

Van Unden Center services

In addition, the therapeutic approach to the problematic and emotional block of the patient, is made through homeopathy, floral essences, phytotherapy, magnetic resonance imaging, biological anti-stress sera; That act in the mental sphere and united to an excellent Psychological attention, will definitely contribute to improve their health and quality of life.

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